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Yancheng Jinggong Valve Co., Ltd. obtained ISO9001 Quality System Certification in 1996. The valves produced by the company are strict in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 "Quality system -- quality assurance mode of development and design, production and service" and the requirements of Quality Assurance Manual-the documents listed in Quality System Program File Catalogue.

In the later stage of valve assemble and inspection before leaving the company,all the valves must pass the pressure test inspection.After the valves are qualified,they can be hanged on the special valve quality nameplate and certificate (On the qualified certificate are product type, test pressure and material composition), then they are allowed out of the company. If the valves on the site will not have test pressure, the buyer can send personnel to our company to participate in the pressure test of our company's valves. After the valves are qualified, they can leave the company.

Before the valves are delivered to the place designated by the buyer, our company will carry out anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment on the valve surface. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust materials should meet the requirements of local environment. On each package are indicated the number, order number, device and position for the product. Packaging shall meet the corresponding transport requirements and be carried out in accordance with the contract provisions.

he company shall deliver the goods to the prescribed place in accordance with the contract stipulation: after receiving the user's notification, the Engineer shall be sent to the installation site to inspect and direct the installation. During the warranty period, when the equipment needs to be repaired or replaced, at the request of the owner, the company sends engineers to the site for technical support.

Our company has a professional after-sale service team, providing 24-hour after-sale service. After receiving the customer's after-sale service requirements, our company responds within 1 hour and the after-sale service staff will arrive at the scene for fault treatment within 2-6 hours to solute of quality problems timely to ensure the smooth production of the users. During the warranty period, due to their own quality problems of the valves , adequate valves,spare parts and technical services are to be provided within 24 hours.After-sale service line: 86-515-87230868/13601416751(24 hours).

Technical service after warranty period: We promise to maintain the products for life according to the agreement, and provide long-term high-quality technical service and technical support for users; After the warranty expires, the equipment maintenance parts will be supplied timely and only charge their cost.

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